Robot Food   |   http://robot-food.com

Robot Food arrived at the peak of the global financial crisis. Five years later, we’re toasting success with our very own anniversary rum. To celebrate these five fantastic years, we’ve had special rum bottled, in a limited edition of fifty. It’s aged five years in oak barrels, with a label that speaks of ‘a depth and complexity far beyond its years’. Each bottle has been hand numbered and finished with a branded wax seal.”

Robot Food was started in a dining room in Harrogate, in January 2009, by Mike & Simon who met and became friends while studying art & design at college. We would love to say that we refined our model while learning from our employer, taking a wage – that we broke away, bringing clients with us on our journey, but we didn’t. We had a vision, developed creative concepts and PR’d them as if they were real, gaining exposure in major international design press. We then hit the phones and sent out branded promo. Many of our clients today became aware of us back then and have watched our growing determination for success.

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Zia Somjee   |   http://ziasomjee.com

"The “Shipwreck Oak Barrel Stout” reflects the unique blend of flavours, textures, and tastes that are born out of this cross continental infusion. Referencing 19th century signage, and the gritty personality of those who challenge the high seas, this beer is positioned towards typical craft beer enthusiasts; These beer drinkers are always looking for a new and unique taste, and are often attracted to labels that differentiate themselves from crowd."

Zia Somjee is designer based in Vancouver, Canada. With a passion for communication, he loves to explore and understand how to effectively reach and speak to certain target audiences. As a self proclaimed night owl, Zia can be found designing, blogging, or tweeting into the depths of the night. When he is not working, Zia enjoys the urban and natural landscapes of Vancouver BC, and can be found capturing its beauty with photography. 

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Hello! And welcome to What a Pear! This is a blog where we’ll post all of our news, updates, progress, and silliness.

Right now we’re getting pumped up for the Maryland Institute College of Art’s 2013 Art Market! We will be debuting some of our handmade products there such as our new tea towels, aprons, and prints. If you can’t make it to Baltimore from December 11th to the 14th, don’t worry! All of the products being sold at Art Market will soon be up on etsy as well. We look forward to spreading joy through food puns with all of you!


Christmas Giveaway 2: WORDS BRAND (US Store Only)

Words Brand   |   http://wordsbrand.com   |   EU Store

"WORDS BRAND™ creates bold, witty, type-based tees, clothing, and accessories that make a statement. And that make you look awesome. We’re driven by a simple, clean aesthetic, and influenced by advertising and design, the media, technology, pop culture, and modern life. Everything is lovingly written and designed in LA, printed in the USA (and in Germany for our EU store), and shipped to pretty much anywhere in the world."

Once again TDB partnered up with the awesome WORDS BRAND and now gives you a chance to win a $20 Coupon Code good in the WORDS BRAND™ US Store Only (coupon is good for 1 use and expires on December 31, 2013)!

Find all the rules and enter the giveaway on this link

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The giveaway starts today and ends on December 28 - winner will be announced on the same day.

If you would like to do a giveaway with us in the future, feel free to email us at thedsgnblog@gmail.com!

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Spicemode is a line of international specialty food products is focused on showcasing all-natural, handcrafted and healthy versions of the flavor-forward and vibrantly-spiced curries of India. 

(Source: behance.net, via typographie)


Shop Hunting Tuesdays - 12/11/2013

Ello There   |   http://etsy.com/shop/ElloThere

Seth Lucas started the shop in between semesters in the Fall of 2008 when he was tired of his job. Since then it grew and grew, and by the time we graduated it became full time jobs for both of us, something we never expected at first.

We have been doing wedding invitations since then, and just recently added in prints and stationery. We create pieces that are personal to us. We love to travel, (we take a ton of road trips), we collect records, we do photography as well, so a lot of our work reflects that.

As of now we are located in Brooklyn but we never stay in one place too long. Since graduating we have traveled Europe, lived in Seattle, Indianapolis, and now Brooklyn. We’re not sure what the future holds or where we will be next, but we know we will always spend our time creating.

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Shop Hunting Tuesdays - 05/11/2013

The Joy Of Ex Foundation   |   http://joyofex.org  |   Shop

Sally Beerworth opened The J.O.E Foundation in May 2011. Everything you buy from us goes in part towards helping someone who needs the money more than us.

Sally doesn’t really consider herself an overly nice person, but when her own divorce almost cost her her smile, she decided to start The Foundation to help other people who got stuck with big legal and counseling bills. As she is a writer, it kinda made sense that she raise money through her book sales and the stuff you see here.

Obviously all our stuff has been CopyRight globally.

Everything is written by Sally, and made to look good by WeThreeClub.

We just hope we make you smile - if you have any issues with our products or service please tell us…we’re meant to be making you smile.

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